Veterinary Supply Company established in 29 December 1994. Since beginning our company credo is offer our vets the good quality and safe production. That's why we beginning to import production from Pfizer, Upjohn, Terumo, Erbrich, Miltex.

In 1995 our company has had stand at the Lithuanian Veterinary Conference, were we introduce new companies and their production. At this conference Lithuanian veterinarians decide that our company's stand was interesting and the best. In November 1995 we have had company stand at the Latvian Veterinary Conference in Riga. In these two conferences Dr. Donald K. Allen (he is one of our companies owner) has lectures. Since 1995 every year Dr. Donald has lecture at the veterinary conference.

In 1996 we beginning to working with other companies WAHL (England), O & P Veterinary Equipment (Denmark) and MenaVet (Germany). Also we were first why introduce The Merck Veterinary Manual to vets here in Lithuania.

Since first step of our company we want to help veterinarians to beginning their private practice. That's why we were first in Lithuania who offer production and give them payment after 30-60 days.

In 1998 we have studded our market and offer new production from Boehringer Ingelheim, Invesa, Alfasan, B.Braun, Aesculap, Ukal company. Since this year we are exclusive distributors for Invesa, B.Braun, Aesculap.

At this time Veterinary Supply Company can offer for veterinarians the best quality preparations, diagnostics, instruments and other production from USA, Germany, Denmark, France, Belgium, Netherlands.

We are studding market, new information and can delivery production any time. That's why our customs are big veterinary company here, animal farms, veterinary clinics and pharmacy, private veterinarians, farmers.

In near future we are planning to organize the seminar for veterinarians, where invite lectors from different manufacturing veterinary company from foreign country.

Vytautė Matusevičienė